Advertising Model

What We Do in a Nutshell

Community Synergy is an Email Service Provider (ESP) that offers extensive email services for free to eligible organizations.  The way Community Synergy derives its revenue, and offers this ordinarily expensive service for free, is by offering advertisers the ability to place ads on community lists.  Advertisers place their ads on the sides of the emails, in a location that is visible but does not take away from the email, and then the advertisers they pay depending on a variety of parameters that include how many of their ads were viewed and/or clicked.

Throughout the whole process, Community Synergy keeps track of all the advertising revenue generated by each member's list, and at the end of determined period we compensate the member's a percentage of the total ad revenue. This allows us to share the advertising revenue with the organizations who use our service and provide a new source of revenue for the organization.

To sum it up we allow organizations to use a normally expensive service freely, we give responsible local advertisers the means to advertise to their local community, we offer the local community deals and offers they would not ordinarily know about, and finally we split the ad revenue with the sponsor.

Who can advertise with us:

Community Synergy is very picky about the organizations and companies that we allow advertise on our clients' lists. Unlike ordinary web advertisements, we believe that an email advertisement is a much more personal setting and needs to follow strict guidelines in regards to its content, its message, and its truthfullness. These guidelines we have are documented in our Responsible Marketer Policy - which all advertisers who wish to advertise with us must stick to.

In addition to our policy, we want to give the small local advertiser an opportunity to get their message to the community, thus we try to focus on giving these small but important organizations the ability to advertise on our lists. This does not mean we dont cater to bigger advertising campaigns, we certainly do, it just means that we want to allow the little guys the access to the same means and methods as the bigger companies.

How it works:

Its a very simple process that can be summarized in three steps:

  1. Sign-Up - Fill out our application and wait for a member of our team to contact you. Once we contact you (and accept you into our program) we will ask you a few questions to determine some of the details of your organization's community to get an idea of what types of advertisements would be appropriate for your community.

  2. Conduct Normal Email Services - Now using your new Community Synergy email service, you should be able to connect to your community and gauge their response in a much more powerful way.  While you are conducting your normal email business, we will be finding appropriate advertisers for your lists, signing them on, and generating your organization revenue.

  3. Get Paid - Finally what you've been waiting for! Every four to six months, depending on your organization's size, we will send you a check in a percentage of the amount of the advertising revenue that your list has generated.

It's that easy!  But it all starts with your registration.