How We Help Your Organization Succeed

Community Synergy has developed a web-based software package that helps meet organizational communicating needs. Our clients logon to the application via and it is there that they can manage all of their organization's communicative needs including the following:

Mass Emailing

Our application allows our clients to send out emails to large lists of their members without having to worry about list restrictions and their emails going to their members' Spam box.

Large Member Lists - Now your organization can avoid restrictions that some Email services (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo) put on the amount of email addresses that can be sent a single email. With the Community Synergy service, there are no restrictions on the number of email recipients that be sent an email - for a single email or on a monthly basis.

Also, did we forget to mention that our service is free? Sure beats paying $30 a month for Constant Contact!

Spam Protection - This may be the most important thing that we help provide organizations. Most organizations have no idea whether or not their emails are actually reaching their members - even if you are using Google or Yahoo groups your email may be going straight to the Spam folder of your recipients. Ever wonder why you send an email to 3,000 members but only a handful show up to an event? It could be that your emails are not even reaching your members!

Community Synergy will make sure that your emails go through and actually reach your recipients. Our team constantly monitors our clients' emails to make sure that they aren't getting Spammed, and if we do notice Spamming, we will deal with the appropriate authorities at Microsoft, Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL to make sure that your emails do go through and your reputation is intact. It's hard enough to build a strong organization, let us get your message to your users' inboxes so that you can focus on building your organization.

Email Tracking

Our technology allows you to track email views to know how many of your members read your email. Send out an email to a list of 2,000 addresses, and our software will tell you how many of those people actually viewed your email. It also keeps a history of your prior emails so your organization can view how many users are interested in each type of email message. Using this information, your organization can focus on the emails that pique user interest - and avoid the ones that don't. Or your organization can focus on building up interest in emails that have a low-view percentage - this way low interest in critical activities can be gauged and remedied. But all of this relies in an organization's ability to know how many users are actually viewing their emails.

Custom Templating

Unlike GoogleGroups and YahooGroups, we allow all of our clients to design custom templates that make their emails stand-out and add professionalism to their organization. View an example here.

Standardized Templates - Create standardized templates using our easy-to-use editor, copy and paste technique, or straight HTML to give your email recipients an efficient, beautiful view of your organization's email message. Also, reuse your old templates to allow for quick email creation and avoid those annoying situations where an email is sent without important information because an individual forgot to copy it into the new email.

Multiple Templates - If your organization has sub-lists (such as community youth group list) you can create an email template for each email list. Have one email template for your main list and have another for your youth group. Or if you have paying and non-paying clients, you can have separate templates for each.

Make Sublists

Categorize your members into separate lists and save these sub-list for future use or queries. You can create and store lists based on your Contacts database to send emails to specific groups of members, such as those who haven't fulfilled their pledges, youth group members, all members of a specific gender, or any other information that you have in your database. Want to send an email to all boys under 25? With our software no problem! How many organizations can say that they can get down to this level of precision?

Contacts Database

Store all your contacts information in our online database for easy access whenever and anywhere you need it. With our individually customized databases, you can specify what information you want to store and have that data at your fingertips - you are not limited by a pre-designed database format like other providers.

Customized Emails - Use your stored database information to create emails that are customized for every single individual quickly and easily. Have each email greet your members with their first and last names, put in the amount that they owe in dues, or a list of events they've attended - anything you can store about your users you can use in your emails. Do this all without specifying any more than where you want the data to be displayed. There is no longer a need to create multiple emails with the same template - you can do everything with one email.

Detailed Member Information - Keep detailed records of all your members in one centralized place for easy access anywhere you have an internet connection. Incorporate detailed executive queries to find out more information about event attendees, pledgee ratios, and whatever else your organization needs to better serve its members.

Additional Organizational Revenue

Not only is our service free, but it provides your organization with possibly hundreds and thousands dollars a month of additional revenue through advertising.

Check out our Advertising Model page for details on how we do it and what it means for you.

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