The Community Synergy Philosophy & Model

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is built on the belief that the relationship between an organization and its members is mutually beneficial with the right organizational tools and direction. Our focus at Community Synergy is to maximize these benefits by improving the way that an orgnaization communicates with its members.

All organizations communicate with their members in some way shape or form - it is a necessity to the success of any organization. But how many are truly taking advantage of all the opportunities that they have at their disposal? Do they know which of their emails interests their members? How many of their members are actually reading their emails? Do they have a centralized database of detailed information of their members so that they can send out customized emails? Or do they have nothing more than a list of email addresses that they broadcast emails out to hoping a number of people actually open and read thos emails?

At Community Synergy we help organizations create more than "email lists" - we help them create an email community. We want them to better understand their members; who their members are and what their members like and dislike.  We also want them to be able to reach their members more effectively and "SPAM-Proof" their outgoing messages. Finally, we help provide advertising that their members WANT TO SEE that helps build up a more informed member community and gives organizations new advertising options including a hearty revenue stream.


The goal is to help organizations become more knowledgable about their members, stronger in their communication, and more financially robust to ultimately create a better organization. This more powerful communication process also enables organizational leaders to avoid focusing on the things that needlessly take up their time and energy and focus on the things that are the most critical to their organization's success.


Our Model

Unlike other Mass Email Service Providers (MESP's), we are able to provide our members with communication services without charging them, and in fact in some cases, we are able to share with them a portion of our revenue thus providing them with premium service and significant revenue - very different from other MESP's (like I-Contact and Constant Contact) which charge you for the same service and provides your organization no revenue stream.

Since we don't charge our members, we have to shoulder the burden of the costs of developing and maintaining the software, servers, and critical staff that are needed to keep our service up and running. We meet these costs by advertising to the lists of our members, but unlike other advertisers, we follow a Responsible Marketer Policy - a strict set of guidelines that are meant protect consumers from unscrupulous marketers. In fact, we screen our advertisers thoroughly to make sure that they dont run misleading or false advertisements and that they provide something of benefit to the consumers. We also have a feedback system that allows consumers to report advertisers who do not live up to their promises or are offering products or services that are deficient, and once a violation is found we quickly penalize and remove them from our advertising network. Finally, we put a lot of effort trying to find community and local businesses to run advertisements thus allowing members of the community advertising TO the community - an effort that many non-profit groups try to unsuccessfully do with their lists.

This is what we believe is the future of organizations large and small where the technological burden of the software is removed from the groups shoulders and where list members can see and market their events, products, and services to fellow members and provide their organization with advertising revenue in the process. That's where we want to go, and if you wish, join us and take your organization to the next level!