The Community Synergy Responsible Marketing Policy

The Responsible Advertising Mission

At Community Synergy, we are dedicated to making sure that all the advertisers that are associated with us follow a code of policy where they pledge that they will not use advertisements to deceive, bait and switch, or misrepresent their products of services. In addition all advertisements must be beneficial for their target audience and be appropriate for a general audience.

Advertisers who follow our policy will be welcome to continue their relationship with us. While those who do not will not be welcome to advertise in the future to any of our community members. We take this policy seriously and we require our partner advertisers to do the same.

Our goal is to provide our community members with advertisements that truly benefit them.  This includes advertisements that make them aware of a product, service, or event that they were not aware of before; or offer them a great deal or discount that makes it worth their while to consider.  We also want to protect our members by holding advertisers responsible for what they promise, and let them know that false and misleading advertising or poor products and services have consequences.  We hope this will bring responsibility, opportunity, and honesty back into advertising - that is the goal of our Responsible Marketing mission.

The Responsible Marketer Agreement

To advertise with Community Synergy all advertisers must agree to the following:

1.  Honest and Straight Forward Advertising

Marketers advertising on the Community Synergy network (or any of its affiliates) must make sure their ads are clear and honest.  Ads must be straight forward in their message and may not attempt to mislead customers about a product, service, or event.

The following types of advertising are prohibited:

  • Advertising for a discount or promotion that does not exist or is not honored.
  • Bait & Switch advertising where one product/service is advertised, or is advertised at a certain price, and then is not present and a customer is offered an inferior replacement product/service.
  • Visual advertisements may not show a product/service that is not intended for the advertisement.

2. Marketers Must Maintain a Respectable Reputation

It is a privilege not a right to advertise in a community, and just as we emphasize that marketers not advertise falsely or deceptively, we also require that marketers must provide products and services that satisfy our community members. That means that after the marketing is done, that companies make sure that they are doing their best to please their customers. They must not offer any deficient or shoddy products/services and they must make sure that they respond to any customer complaints about their products/services.

3.  All Advertisements must be Appropriate for all Audiences

Community Synergy's network includes many types of audiences and thus any ads that we display must be appropriate and not offensive for all types of people and ages.  

The following may not be displayed or advertised:

  • Advertisements that contain sexual material, sexual innuendos, or that is sexually oriented.
  • Advertisements that advertise anything that is illegal or prohibited under Federal or State law.
  • Advertisements for products that may be offensive or inappropriate for minors, such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and guns or weapons of any sort.
  • Advertisements that discriminate or demean organizations, political groups, nationalities, or religions.
  • Advertisements that contain offensive language or images.

4.  Consequences of Not Following Responsible Marketers Policy

Marketers that are found to willfully ignore or disregard Community Synergy policy may be subject to any or all of the following:

All alleged violations may be appealled to Community Synergy, and must be done in a reasonable timeframe after notification of a violation.

5. Reporting Violations of the Agreement

Community Synergy takes its Responsible Marketing agreement very seriously and is keen on making sure that all marketers follow this agreement while advertising on the Community Synergy network.  As a result we encourage anybody who witnesses any material violation of this agreement to send us an email with the violation that was witnessed and, if possible, proof of the violation and we will investigate.