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Advertisement Pricing

All advertiser prepaid accounts are charged based on a number of metrics that are listed below:


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Advertisement Pricing

Community Synergy shares a percentage of all advertising revenue with the owners of the email lists that generate the advertising revenue.  This revenue sharing allows our members to not only enjoy the free mass email service and tools, but also reap the benefits of additional revenue from advertisers who are interested in marketing to their lists.  We also are able to use our wide network of advertisers to substantially increase their lists advertising potential and we make sure that all follow our Responsible Marketer Policy - a strict set of guidelines that are meant protect consumers from unscrupulous marketers.

Revenue is shared on a semi-annual basis (twice a year) and can range from 10% - 20% depending on the organization and its email list.  The exact revenue sharing percentage is determined when you are accepted into the Community Synergy program.  For more information fill out our application and have a discussion with one of our representatives about the revenue potential for your organization.